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Ardahan University Prospective Student page

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Dear Students,

Since its establishment, taking the best place among the top universities of Turkey with the opportunities it provides to its students. our university has been growing and developing in the light of science, academic excellence, dynamic structure and innovative spirit with the energy we have gained from our students. We invite you to come to a bright new path, a university where you will shape your future in the light of knowledge. We educate students who aim for excellence in education with distinguished teaching staff who have improved themselves in all academic and administrative aspects. We invite you to a university where you will shape your future and reach bright new paths in the light of knowledge. We will be glad to see you as a member of ARU family.Come, see and explore Ardahan…

Prof. Dr. Mehmet BİBER
Ardahan University
Founded in 2008, Ardahan University has achieved to be a qualified international university with a rapid growth. Our university has five faculties, three schools, six vocational schools, two institutes, and nine research centers with 5114 students.According to the latest report published by the Ministry of Development, especially with the teaching staffs and students from Central Asia and the Caucasia, our university is in the third rank among the state universities in terms of the international student population density in Turkey.

Why ARU?
• Student-centered Education
• Peaceful Education Environment
• An excellent campus with its location and architecture
• Qualified, dynamic and friendly teaching staff
• Consultancy services
• Quality dining options in the neat canteens and cafeterias
• Safe accomodation in modern dormitories
• Opportunities like scholarships and part-time jobs at the university for successful students
• Well-equipped health center
• 5 modern libraries that provide access to 53693 books, 157811 electronic publications, 7448 periodicals and numerous online databases.
• Well-equipped research laboratories
• Numerous national and international projects
• Social, cultural and sports events organized by student council and 14 student clubs
• National (FARABİ) and International (ERASMUS, MEVLANA) student exchange programs
Academic Units
School of Physical Education and Sports
  • Physical Education and Sports Teacher Education
  • Sports Management (Daytime and Evening Education)
School of Health Sciences
  • Health Administration
School of Tourism and Hotel Management
  • Tourism Management
Institute of Social Sciences
  • Turkish Language and Literature (MA-PhD)
  • Political Science and Public Administration (MA)
Vocational Schools
Ardahan Vocational School Of Health Services
  • Child Development
  • Medical Documentation and Secretary Training
Ardahan Vocational School Of Social Sciences
  • Office Services and Secretariat (Daytime and Evening Education)
  • Public Relations
  • Business Administration
  • Finance(Daytime and Evening Education)
  • Accounting and Tax Applications
  • Applied English and Translation
Ardahan Vocational School Of Technical Sciences
  • Computer Programming
  • Electricity (Evening Education)
  • Food Technology
Çıldır Vocational School
  • Logistics
Nihat Delibalta Göle Vocational School
  • Laboratory and Veterinary Assistance Services
  • Business Administration
Posof Vocational School
  • Emergency and First Aid
  • Beekeeping
  • Home-care