Mustafa Aksan . Gregory D. S. Anderson . Ekrem Arıkoğlu . Peter K. Austin . Gabriela Pérez Báez  Johnny Cheung  
Bernard Comrie . Ganesh Devy  . George Van Driem  . İryna Dryga . Margaret Florey . Diana Forker  . Victor A. Friedman  Stefan Georg . Jost Gippert . Geoffrey Haig . K. David  Harrison . B. George Hewitt . Otto Jastrow . Alexei Kassian
Kevin Tuite . Yong-Sŏng Li . Talant Mawkanuli  . Nicholas Ostler . Mehmet Ölmez . Sumru Özsoy . Elisabetta Ragagnin Wolfgang Schulze . Testelets Yakov . Eser Erguvanlı Taylan  . Paul Michael Taylor  . Nick Thieberger . Lucy Thomason  Mark Turin  . N. Engin Uzun . Karina Vamling  . Alexander Vovin  . Lindsay J Whaley

Alexander Vovin - “And So Flows History”

Alexei Kassian  - “On Internal Classification of the Tsezic Languages”

B. George Hewitt - “Instilling Prestige: the Role of Education and Politics”

Bernard Comrie - “Why Caucasian Languages?”

Diana Forker - “Hinuq-Russian Language Contact”

Ekrem Arıkoğlu - “Importance of Siberian Turkic Dialects in General Turkish”

Elisabetta Ragagnin - “The Turkic Dukha of Northern Mongolia: Notes on Reindeer Terminology”

Eser Erguvanlı Taylan - “Language Contact in Anatolia: the Case of Sason Arabic”

Gabriela Pérez Báez - “Methods for the Documentation of Language and Botanical Knowledge in the Zapotec Community of La Ventosa, Oaxaca, Mexico”

Ganesh Devy - “The Genesis and Formation of a People’s Movement for Safe-guarding and Revitalization of Languages in India”

Geoffrey Haig - “Thoughts on Prioritizing the Documentation of Endangered Languages”

George van Driem - “Language Diversity and Endangerment in the Greater Himalayan Region”

Gregory D. S. Anderson - “Consequences of Russian Linguistic Hegemony in (Post-) Soviet Colonial Space” 

Iryna Dryga - “International Research Collaboration on Documentation and Revitalization of Endangered Turkic Languages in Ukraine: Crimean Tatar, Karaim, Krymchak and Urum Experience”

Johnny Cheung - “On Ossetic and Its Turkic Neighbours, Karachay-Balkar”

K. David Harrison & Gregory D. S. Anderson - “Creating Talking Dictionaries for Endangered Languages”

Karina Vamling - “Internet As a Tool for Language Development and Maintenance?”

Kevin Tuite - “From Mêlyay-T’elepia to Melia-Tulepia: Language and Representation in the Georgian Province of Svaneti”

Lindsay J. Whaley - “Does the survival of Tungusic Languages Depend on the Amur Tiger?”

Lucy Thomason - “Documenting the Poetics and Rhetoric of Endangered Languages”

Madzhid Khalilov & Zaynab Alieva - “Unwritten minority languages of Dagestan: state, functioning and problems of preservation” 

Mark Turin - “Collaborations in Language”

Mehmet Ölmez - “Endangered Languages in China”

N. Engin Uzun & Mustafa Aksan - “Typological Similarities and Endangered Languages in Turkey”

Nicholas Ostler - “Empire, Lingua Franca, Vernacular – the Roots of Endangerment”

Nick Thieberger - “Language Archive and New Research Methods in Support of Small Languages”

Paul Michael Taylor - “The Online Publication of Archival and Museum Collections on Cultural and Linguistic Heritage”

Peter K. Austin - “Language Documentation and Revitalisation – developments in the 21st century”

Stefan Georg - “On Wearing Two Hats: the Descriptive Linguist Between Language Documentation and Preservation”

Sumru Özsoy - “The Death of a Language: the Case of Oubykh”

Talant Mawkanuli - “Jungar Tuvan Language Revitalization and Documentation”   

Tariel Skharulidze - Historical aspects of language policy in Abkhazia

Victor A. Friedman - “Language Endangerment in the Caucasus and the Balkans:  Daghestan and Macedonia”

Wolfgang Schulze - “How Much Udi is There in Udi?”

Yong-Sŏng Li - “Report on the Fieldwork Studies of the Endangered Turkic Languages”